​​We all dream of that perfect holiday or safari, the one that will be memorable beyond measure ... so come and explore Africa and discover a continent rich in vibrant cultures, breathtaking scenery and spectacular wildlife destinations. Indulge in fine cuisine, sample some of the greatest wines in the world, marvel at the beauty of the Cape from Table Mountain, follow in the footsteps of the great explorers of early years, touch an elephant or be overwhelmed by the spectacle that is Victoria Falls, be lost amongst thousands of migrating gnu’s as they meander across the vast plains of the Serengeti or sip on a refreshing drink whilst sitting on a pearl white beach with the warm waters of the Indian ocean lapping at your feet

... with Bespoke Africa Safaris it’s all within your grasp. 

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. 
Explore ... Dream ... Discover”
 – Mark Twain 

Bespoke Specials offers exciting opportunities to explore Africa's wonderful and inspiring safari and holiday destinations. Linger Longer makes your favourite destination just a little more affordable, whilst Wings Over Africa ensures that you get to experience all those sought after places that you might now have had the time to drive to! Our Honeymoon Delights are just that ... delightful and romantic. Family Adventures, discover wonderful options to explore different safaris for the kids to enjoy.

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Bespoke Specials

Browse through our featured selection of Bespoke Safari Lodges  located in Southern and Eastern Africa, an exciting and exclusive range of safari accommodation types to choose from. Our featured camps are situated in some of the most pristine wilderness areas in Africa, with spectacular scenery and prolific game viewing opportunities to create a once in a lifetime safari experience.

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Bespoke Safari Lodges

Bespoke Safaris

Bespoke Beach Destinations

Bespoke Hotels

Bespoke Beach Destinations offers a special and unique selection of featured coastal and island destinations in Southern and Eastern Africa. From the highly exclusive and luxurious Vamizi Island to the Spice Islands of Tanzania, or the endless beaches of KwaZulu-Natal, here you'll find a perfect destination just for you.

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​​Our "Bespoke Tours" is a fine selection of various "Day Tours" in the Cape and surrounding areas and privately guided "Discover Safaris" that explore the most breathtaking parts of Southern & East Africa. These tours are designed to compliment your stay whether it is in the Cape, Kruger National Park, KwaZulu-Natal or exploring different parts of the African continent.

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WELCOME to Bespoke Africa Safaris

For Bespoke Safaris, Tailor made Tours & Bespoke Accommodation

Bespoke Hotels

Explore a wide variety of unique types of Safaris and destinations to suit your specific needs. Here you'll find sample itineraries for some of our featured Bespoke Safaris.

These Bespoke Safaris are designed for the Safari Connosieur or the more Adventurous Spirit at heart. Our Bespoke Safaris is a unique collection of various safari adventures operating in different parts of Southern and East Africa.

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Bespoke Tours & Day Trips

Africa is a place of breathtaking beauty, natural wonders, wide open spaces, vibrant cultures and spectacular

wilderness and wildlife destinations. Come and experience a unique and memorable journey with Bespoke Africa Safaris on

this beautiful continent and leave filled with awe inspiring memories and tales to last a lifetime.

Browse through our Bespoke Safaris and Tailor made Tours & Bespoke Accommodation and let us assist you in your tour arrangement,

whether it be for group tours or private tours we will gladly help you in selecting the perfect Bespoke Safari, Tour, Hotel and Beach Destination in Africa.

Bespoke Hotels offers a wide selection of featured LuxuriousHotels, Elegant Boutique Hotels and Homely B&B's in Southern Africa and East Africa. Wether you're searching for a bed to rest your head on during a business trip or looking for that perfect holiday destination for the family, at Bespoke Hotels we have a choice and option for everyone.
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