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Activities include game drives, walking safaris and night drives, led by qualified guides. Thanks to the rising mist off the floodplains as they dry up in winter, guests can experience incredible sunrises and sunsets, with the sun a spectacular pink colour, while the floodplains teem with wildlife and birds. Aspecial experience is an exclusive hot air balloon ride, ending with champagne breakfast.


The Busanga Plains offer concentrations of common species such as puku, lechwe, buffalo and wildebeest, but also comparative rarities not easily viewed in southern Africa such as roan, oribi and Lichtenstein’s hartebeest. There is a high density of lion, with species like cheetah and wild dog utilising those areas where lion are not present. Birdlife is equally abundant and includes many‘specials’ such as Ross’s Turaco and Locust Finch.



Busanga Bush Camp provides the most authentic and intimate safari experience in Kafue without compromising on comfort. Consisting of only four well-appointed tents nestled in a grove of sycamore fig trees overlooking a plain teeming with game.

The Camp


The camp, nestled in a vegetated island of fig trees, can accommodate eight guests in four well-appointed tents. The lounge area is under canvas looking out over the plains; breakfast is often served here to take in the view of herds of lechwe and puku. The dining area lies under the shady canopy of a majestic tree from which an unusual lantern chandelier hangs, romantically lighting up dinner; most meals are served in the open air.

 Busanga Bush Camp

Kafue National Park is one of the largest in Africa. The million-hectare northern sector is the perfect location for our camps: remote, wild and diverse with vast tracts of pristine wilderness. The north-west is dominated by the Busanga Swamps, a papyrus-dominated wetland that gives way to the vast floodplain of the Busanga Plains, seasonally-inundated grassland dotted with isolated tree-islands. The Lunga, Lufupa and Kafue Rivers are lined with riverine forest and the landscape is further patterned with broad-leaved miombo woodland, open plains, floodplains and island thickets. Busanga Bush Camp lies in the heart of the Busanga Plains, a vast mosaic of expansive, grassy seasonal floodplains that extends to the horizon.