This beach sanctuary comprises of just 10 luxury villas which tastefully blends luxury and comfort with the authentic feel of Mozambique style and simplicity. The design skillfully uses an elegant mix of wood and textiles to ensure the lodge sympathetically blends in with its surroundings whilst incorporating the vivid colours of the area. 


Coral Lodge 15.41 combines one of Mozambique’s most stunning beach locations with the country’s rich culture and trade history. Situated on a spectacular peninsula within an unspoilt nature reserve and only minutes from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilha de Moçambique, Coral Lodge is a unique blend of contemporary design combined with the utmost respect for the rare and unique surroundings. 

Because of its unique location, Coral Lodge 15.41 has a huge variety of activities on offer. You can simply enjoy the resort, the beach and the water sports or satisfy your curiosity of Mozambique’s rich history and the culture of the Macua people. Coral Lodge 15.41 is only 10 minutes away from Ilha de Moçambique, which is the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Mozambique. Other activities include water sports such as diving, whale watching, snorkelling, canoeing, sailing, windsurfing and fishing.

At Coral Lodge 15.41 we organize activities for children of all ages and weather conditions. Children’s activities include: coral puddle exploration, bubble maker, discover scuba, snorkelling lessons, island beach picnic, line fishing, mangrove canoe trip, windsurfing, treasure hunt, shell jewellery, playing board games and Playstation 2. 


The Camp

The exquisite cuisine, served in the main dining area with lovely views over the ocean, is made using local ingredients with a key focus on fresh fish and fresh market produce. Every dish is infused with enticing Mozambican flavours mixed with European and Asian influences. ​Relax around the stunning pool area or enjoy a refreshing cocktail around the bar whilst watching a beautiful sunset.


Coral Lodge