Our Bespoke Classic Discover Safari explores the rich diversity of cultures, landscapes and wildlife in Namibia.

The journey takes us south from Windhoek to one of the oldest deserts in the world, the Namib Desert, where we visit Sossusvlei and Deadvlei surrounded by the towering Red Sanddunes of the desert. Traveling west we visit Swakopmund on the Atlantic coastline from where we explore the majestic Spitzkoppe. From here the journey takes us inland where we go in search of the desert adapted elephants in Damaraland and visit the World Heritage Site of Twyfelfontein. Our epic safari comes to a grand conclusion as we explore the Etosha National Park with it's prolific wildlife and spectacular and seemingly never ending pans.

NB - Each scheduled safari departure have slightly different accommodation options!

DAY 6 & 7: Swakopmund to Damaraland - Twyfelfontein & Desert adapted Elephant

 Scheduled Departures - JUNE 2018

After a leisure morning and hearty breakfast we depart Etosha for Windhoek to connect with onward flights.

 Discover Safari - NAMIBIA (5 May '18)

 Namib Desert & Sossusvlei

Today we journey up the coast to Henties Bay and inland from there to Damaraland. Our travels takes us through Uis, a former mining town before reaching the breathtaking landscapes where the plains are dominated by flat topped mountains and imposing granite domes ... home to the World Heritage Site of Twyfelfontein. We reach our camp in time for lunch and our afternoon activity exploring Twyfelfontein and it's ancient rock engravings. The area is rich in intriguing geological formations such as the Organ Pipes and Burnt Mountain. Arrive back at the lodge in time for a spectacular sunset and delicious dinner.

​The highlight of today is tracking the desert adapted elephant. We set off after an early breakfast, driving along the Aba Huab riverbed in search of these elusive desert adapted elephants. Returning back to the lodge for some leisure time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and relaxing around the stunning pool before sunset drinks and wonderful dinner.

 Discover Safari - NAMIBIA (14 June '18)

Etosha Pan is the result of a geological shift that dramatically changed the course of the Kunene River. Today the Pan is mostly bone dry, the stark, parched white surface giving the Pan its Herero name – “Great White Place”. The edges of the Pan give way to a surprising variety of vegetation types: from woodland and broad swathes of mopane, to open acacia-strewn plains and grasslands. Fringing the Pan are a number of productive waterholes that sustain the high density of large mammal fauna, from elephant and lion to vast herds of springbok, wildebeest, zebra, giraffe and gemsbok.

Damaraland is characterised by flat-topped mountains, wind-sculpted sandstone cliffs, broad valleys and dry riverbeds that carve their way through deep gorges and ancient geological features indicating a wetter past. Today, the rivers – mainly the Huab, Ugab, Uniab and Koigab – flow only sporadically; their riverbeds are ribbon-like oases that push through the most desolate of terrains, the underground water and tree- lined courses allowing even large species like arid-adapted elephant and giraffe to roam the seemingly inhospitable desert and semi-desert. 

 Scheduled Departures - MAY 2018

Sossusvlei, located in the red dunes of the Namib Desert, is formed where the natural course of the ephemeral Tsauchab River is blocked by a mass of sand. This mass of sand stretches for 400 km south of Walvis Bay, sandwiched between the cold Benguela Current of the west coast and the escarpment that runs parallel more than 100 km inland. The path of the Tsauchab is anked by some of the tallest sand dunes in the world and then ends in a series of pans or vleis that dot the end of this blind river. Sossusvlei is one such pan, Dead Vlei another. 

DAY 1 - 3: Windhoek to Namib Desert - Dune 45, Sossusvlei & Deadvlei

 Classic Discover Safari - NAMIBIA ITINERARY

DAY 4 & 5: Namib Desert to Swakopmund & Spitzkoppe

DAY 11: Etosha to Windhoek - DEPARTURE

Discover Safari - NAMIBIA (4 April '18)



Namibia is a country of astonishing contrasts aptly named after the Namib – the oldest desert on the planet, and a sea of red sand along the Atlantic coastline. Namibia is celebrated for its vast open landscapes, infinite supply of blue skies, sun-drenched weather and star-filled nights. Over the years, there have been a number of cultural influences that have all added to the unique atmosphere of Namibia. There is a distinctive Namibian character that freely blends African styles with European influences on architecture, food, customs and art. All this is in interesting juxtaposition with the expansive landscapes that surround the cities. The many national parks and game reserves boast a huge variety of wildlife in a kaleidoscope of differing environments: the white saltpans of Etosha National Park; the red dunes at Sossusvlei; lonely beaches along the Skeleton Coast and the uninhabited wilderness of the Kunene Region. Astonishing contrasts are everywhere for the visitor to savour, enjoy and photograph. 

Upon arrival in Windhoek you will be met by your driver & guide and meet the rest of the safari group. We take a short break in Windhoek for brunch before we set off on our adventure.
Traveling South to the Namib desert, we pass through some breathtaking landscapes and scenery.
Arriving in the late afternoon at  Namib-Naukluft Park, we spend the afternoon at leisure enjoying the surrounding landscapes and beautiful sunset. 
We head out before dawn today to explore Sossusvlei ... taking advantage of the early morning light our drive takes us through stunning vistas of the Tsauchab River Valley towered over by breathtaking dunes. We stop at the base of Dune 45 and for those adventurous souls there will be enough time to climb the dune before continuing to Sossusvlei. From Sossusvlei a short walk through the dunes takes us to the white salt-clay pan of Dead Vlei. We return to the lodge for lunch and some leisure time. The following day is at leisure with optional Ballooning over the Namib Desert.

DAY 8, 9 & 10: Damaraland to Etosha - Etosha National Park

Today we head further inland and North toward Etosha National Park. We take a break in the town of Outjo for lunch before traveling to Etosha. Arriving in the mid afternoon in time to refresh and enjoy a leisure afternoon and sunset drinks.

​​The next two days we spend game viewing inside the Etosha National Park. We have the opportunity to see herds of Springbok, Zebra and other antelope species frequenting the plains, the famous White elephants of Etosha and if we are lucky some Rhino and predators such as lion and cheetah.

Wildlife & Scenery  

Scheduled Departures - APRIL 2018

 Discover Safari - NAMIBIA (22 June '18)


After a hearty breakfast we depart for the next part of our journey. Our scenic drive takes us across expansive desert plains via the Kuiseb Pass to the palm-lined streets of the coastal town of Swakopmund. The Atlantic Ocean's cool air brings a welcome relief from the desert heat. Enjoy the afternoon exploring the towns rich colonial history and charming German architecture.
Tonight we dine in the Tug - Pub Restaurant.

​After a hearty breakfast in the Bistro Zum Kaiser we set off inland to visit the Spitzkoppe and Uiba-Oas Crystal Market. We return in the early afternoon in time to explore more of the town before a we go for dinner to the Jetty 1905, a truly spectacular experience!

 Etosha National Park

 Discover Safari - NAMIBIA (5 June '18)

Itinerary Overview

Discover Safari - NAMIBIA (18 April '18)