After our morning breakfast we depart Bale Mountain Lodge for our trip back to Addis Ababa with some last minute birding en-route.


Bale Mountain Lodge will ultimately accommodate 30 guests in 15 menyettabets but currently opeates with 8 guest rooms and a 3 bedroom house.
 The menyettabets, all unique, are of stone and wooden construction set around the 8 hectare site. Three menyettabets located near the main lodge are fully wheelchair accessible but are also well suited to families or individual travelers. Every room has private views.

The rooms are predominantly set up as large doubles but many can incorporate additional beds on request, in support of family groups. The house is offered as a self-catering unit or additional rooms for large groups.

After a hearty breakfast we set out to the Sanetti plateau in search of the rare Ethiopian Wolf and high altitude birding specials. The Wolf has especially adapted to living on the high altitude plateau and its prey is the abundant rodent population, many of which are endemic themselves, including the Blick’s Grass Rat, Bale Shrew, White Footed Rat and the Giant Mole Rat.It is this population of rodents that also provide sustenance for the population of Plateau Raptors. The plateau hosts a small population of Golden Eagles and other rare varieties such as Lammergeiers and Long Eared Owls. For bird enthusiasts species on the plateau include the most northerly breeding pair of Wattled Cranes, the near endemic Rouget’s Rail, and the endemic Black Headed Siskin and Blue Winged Goose. 
Overnight: Bale Mountain Lodge

  DAY 1 - Addis Ababa to Bale Mountains National Park

  DAY 5  - Bale Mountains National Park

After breakfast in the lodge we head south outside the park for some extraordinary birding. Three hours south is the habitat of the rare Prince Ruspoli’s Turaco and also the Libon Lark, of which very few breeding pairs are known to exist. 
Overnight: Bale Mountain Lodge

  DAY 4 - Exploring outside the park

This morning, after another delightful breakfast, we set out again on foot as we explore the forest and stream around the lodge for unique birding opportunities.

Overnight: Bale Mountain Lodge

 About Bale Mountain Lodge

The Bale Mountains National Park is a protected area of approximately 2,200 km2 and is located around 400 km southeast of Addis Ababa. Its high mountains, sweeping valleys, dramatic escarpment and wide expanses of forests provide visitors with a diversity of vistas unique to the Ethiopian highlands. UNESCO has estimated that more mammal species would become extinct were the habitats of the Bale Mountains to decline than if any other area of equivalent size on the globe were to disappear and, when this is combined with rare amphibian species, endemic birds and spectacular flora, it is easy to see why the park is designated as a Biodiversity Hotspot by Conservation International. In the south of the Park lies a 1200m (3700ft) escarpment, below which is one of the largest and most extensive forests remaining in Ethiopia, the Harenna Forest. In the centre of the park lies a high level Afro-alpine plateau, with heights ranging from 2800m in the north and 4377m to the south. This is the largest remaining alpine habitat in Africa and here the landscape is wild and open and one can often see snow or frost on the ground. The landscape of the northern Gaysay section comprises a central broad flat valley with an altitude ranging from 3000 to 3550m above sea level.

 About Bale Mountain National Park

  DAY 2 - Bale Mountains National Park

Depart from Addis Ababa by private charter flights (1 hour flight plus a 90 minute game drive transfer) or by road (7 hours). The lodge is a superb location from which to explore the forest on a walking safari, the forest supports the endemic Ethiopian Cisticola, the Abyssinian Slaty Flycatcher, the Abyssinian Catbird, the Thick Billed Raven and other colourful varieties such as the Yellow Fronted Parrot and Black Winged Lovebird.   
Overnight: Bale Mountain Lodge

  DAY 3 - Bale Mountains National Park


Pietro Luraschi

The Sanetti plateau (a mere half an hour’s drive away) lies over 4000m and this is where visitors can often see the rare Ethiopian Wolf (the world’s most rare canid, with some 2/3 of the remaining population (350) situated on the plateau) which hunts for its rodent prey across the Sanetti heights. 

​Many rodents themselves are endemic: Giant Mole Rats pop out from burrows whilst Blix Grass Rats scuffing around finding food, whilst themselves attracting the attention of plateau raptors. Here can also be seen Golden Eagles, Lammergeiers and many other species of birds.

To the south of the Park lies a 1200m (3700ft) escarpment, below which is one of the largest and most extensive forests remaining in Ethiopia, the Harenna Forest. Here rare Bale Monkeys inhabit the trees and the birdlife is spectacular.

The landscape of the northern Gaysay section comprises a central broad flat valley with an altitude ranging from 3000 to 3550m above sea level.The flat valleys of Gaysay are fabulous for game watching with great opportunities to see the rare, endemic, Mountain Nyala and Menelik's Bushbuck, alongside Serval Cats and Wild Pigs.

Wildlife of the area 

 Itinerary - 5 Nights / 6 Days

  DAY 6 - Departure: Bale Mountains to Addis Ababa

Today is spend on in the park in search of the elusive and rare endemic's that have not been spotted yet.

Overnight: Bale Mountain Lodge


The Lodge

Bale Mountain Lodge is located in a clearing within the Harenna Forest. The lodge sits at 2380m above sea level, on a small hill, overlooking a mountain stream and offering views of the 1500m high Harenna escarpment, with its volcanic outcrops rising dramatically above the forest.

The open plan living and dining room has traditional architecture with a high thatched roof, lined with bamboo, both areas furnished with locally sourced furniture and fabrics A large sunken fireplace acts as the focal point of the room with fires laid on both the lounge and dining room sides of the hearth.

"Forests & Highlands"

5 Nights / 6 Days

Join us for an extraordinary journey off discovery in this unique and incredible part of Africa. The Bale Mountains is one of the top five bird watching sites in Africa. The National Park harbours some 16 endemic species along with large numbers 

of migratory birds and passage raptors alongside the resident populations. Bale Mountains National Park is one of the largest remaining tropical Cloud Forests on earth and Ethiopia’s premier National Park.