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That’s right, take a walk on the wild side and experience a great white shark cage diving tour in Gansbaai, the quaint South African seaside town (roughly two hours from Cape Town) that’s best known as the great white shark capital of the world. You do not require any diving certificate to do the cage dive.

Great White Sharks are regarded as one of the Ocean’s most feared and evolved predators in the Ocean. Guests learn about shark behavior and have the opportunity to change their beliefs of fear related to these formidable creatures.

All dive equipment, towels and snacks are stocked, safety equipment is checked and the boat is fuelled prior to the passengers' arrival.

Your adventure to Geyser and Dyer islands begins at Gansbaai’s picturesque Kleinbaai Harbour, from where the Boat will launch.

The excursion takes approximately four and a half hours starting normally at about 8:00am with a light pre trip meal and the briefing before boarding the boat for the 15-20 minute boat drive to the dive site, "Shark Alley", for about four hours at sea whilst shark cage diving and enjoying the close sightings of the Great Whites. While not in the cage, refreshments are enjoyed while on the viewing deck.

The excursion ends with light hot lunch is enjoyed while viewing the video of the day.  A copy of  your own personal experience is available on DVD after the tour.

“Great White Sharks ... the ultimate super predator of the oceans” 

For the adrenaline junkies, this provides you with the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with the Great White Sharks.

“Shark Cage Diving”  

An adventure not for the faint hearted.