Year Round
• Get unbelievably up close and personal with a group of habituated meerkats.
• Spend time walking and interacting with a group of Zu/’hoasi Bushmen and gain insight into their ancient culture.
• Game drives to experience unique desert wildlife.
• A visit to Chapman’s Baobab, campsite of Livingstone & Selous: one of the three largest and oldest trees in Africa. 

Dry Season Only:
• Quad biking across the lunar expanse of the pans.
• Lie out on the pans as the sun sets, and watch the planetarium show unfold with horizon-to-horizon stars. 

Wet Season Only:
• Experience the spectacular migration of zebra and wildebeest – the second biggest in Africa, and the last remaining in Southern Africa. 



7 Twin and 3 double tents with en-suite bathrooms featuring indoor and outdoor showers.

Spacious and stylish – with a sophisticated 1940’s safari atmosphere. 

The Camp


Facilities include:
• A mess tent with natural history museum, library, antique pool table and a well-stocked drinks chest.
• A swimming pool shaded by a pavilion-style tent.
• Shop tent. 
Jack’s is a Kalahari Desert camp located in Botswana’s Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. 
​The remnants of an enormous superlake – that used to cover most of Southern Africa.

Jack’s Camp is an oasis of style and comfort in the middle of Botswana’s Kalahari Desert. The Makgadikgadi is truly like nowhereelse on earth. Spectacular vistas, creative surprises, expert guiding, incredibly friendly habituated meerkats, unique desert wildlife, old-world safari styling and superb cuisine all come together to create an experience that is completely different to any other. 

Jack's Camp