Island Hopping Safari

Under the expert leadership of a pro guide and a local crew, explore a coastline and new destination fringed by tropical islands with an abundance of heritage and unique culture. Combine with sea kayaking and dhow sailing up wide coastal river mouths teeming with red listed bird species and some of the largest mangrove forests in Africa. Snorkel off deserted white sandbanks and into turquoise sea, and sleep in mobile eco fly camps on uninhabited tropical islands. 

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Ethiopian Wolf Safari

Join us for an extraordinary journey off discovery in search of these unique animals in this incredible part of Africa. The privilege and thrill of observing one of Africa's most endangered large carnivores in the Bale Mountains National Park, one of the largest remaining tropical Cloud Forests on earth and Ethiopia’s premier National Park.

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Dana Allen

Mike Myers


Dana Ellen

Walking Safaris

To explore and discover Africa on foot is an experience that cannot be describe in any good measure but one to be lived ... to roam the bushveld or plains of Africa on foot is to be a part of your experience rather than just observing it from the comfort of a vehicle ... to see, hear, smell and touch is what makes walking safaris a life experience and adventure not to be missed!

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Under Canvas Safaris

Looking for an authentic safari, away from the crowds and civilisation, then a under canvas safari is just what you're searching for. Discover the wonders of nature, follow the great herds roaming the vast plains of Africa whilst being pampered and attended to your every need.

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Horseback Safaris

Explore the wild, unspoilt wilderness areas of Africa in the same way many of the earliest explorers, hunters and missionaries did – on horseback! For an experience that will last a lifetime as you venture into true wilderness areas untouched by man ... 

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Gorilla Trekking

Walk in the footsteps of famous female primatologists as you explore two of the oldest national parks in Africa. Track habituated western lowland gorillas in the steamy rainforests of the Republic of Congo before ascending Rwanda’s mist-shrouded volcanic peaks in search of habituated mountain gorillas on the slopes of the Virunga Mountains.

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Canoeing Safaris

Canoeing Safaris is perfect for the adventurous traveller, allowing close encounters with wildlife on some of the greatest rivers and tributaries in Africa. These thrilling experiences traverses some of the most pristine wilderness areas, canoeing in comfortable, stable Canadian canoes, passing spectacular wildlife on the way! Each night is spent camping on the banks of the river or floodplains. Canoeing Safaris are led by experienced guides and assisted by support vehicles and staff.

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Birding Africa Safaris

Africa offers some of the best birding destinations in the world. Come and explore these diverse wilderness areas and experience the discovery of unique African bird species in some of the most spectacular scenery and wilderness destinations in Africa.

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Specialized & Unique Safari Itineraries and Destinations in Africa

Here you'll find sample itineraries for some of our featured Bespoke Safaris.

These Bespoke Safaris are designed for the Safari Connosieur or the more Adventurous Spirit at heart.

Our Bespoke Safaris is a unique collection of various safari adventures operating

in different parts of Southern, Western and Eastern Africa.