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Wilderness Safaris

Game Drives

Wildlife can be viewed from 4x4 vehicles. With the second highest density of wildlife in Kenya, wildlife roams freely through Laikipia, including endangered species such as patas monkeys, Grevy’s zebra and wild dog.

Guided Walks
Set out under the African sun on foot and take in the beauty of the landscape and all the wildlife and birdlife it has to offer.

Wellness Centre
Our culture of wellness is an experience that nourishes your entire being. The spa suites are complemented by the Rasul Tower with steam bath, saltwater swimming pool at the Retreat and a gym with state-of-the-art equipment.



Segera accommodation consists of six private two-storey villas of wood and thatch that gaze out over the Laikipia Plateau towards the spectacular Mount Kenya. Within the privacy of the villas, a large bedroom and en-suite bathroom fill the upstairs space under spectacular timber trusses. A private sun deck in the garden offers comfortable sun loungers for soaking up the African sun and a swing bed for whiling the hours away; while a Jacuzzi bath, sunk into the deck outside the bedroom, has a pleasing vantage point.

The Camp

The main area comprises the Paddock House, Wine Tower and renovated stables, complete with bar and dining room filled with art. Meals and private dining are served al fresco or in the various reception rooms, the cuisine comprising Segera’s own free-range beef and organic vegetables. Six timber and thatch villas project above a profusion of botanical life and from their raised wooden platforms gaze out onto the surrounding savannah, swingbeds below providing the perfect shaded midday relaxation.  The sumptuous Segera House and perfectly-positioned Villa Segera boast similarly spectacular views and even greater privacy and luxury. Each villa includes in its décor original, individually selected paintings and other art from amongst Africa’s most inspiring artists. 

Laikipia, located in the central highlands of Kenya, is considered the bountiful and fertile breadbasket of the Kenyan people.

Four rivers, one of which is perennial, flow through the area making for an even more compelling habitat for animals and

people alike. In these river valleys are to be found the sacred, preeminent fields of a nation still tied to agriculture, but which simultaneously strives to live in harmony with its wildlife. Considered the gateway to Kenya’s northern frontier country,

wild and scarcely populated, much of Laikipia is covered by large privately owned ranches. On most ranches the cattle

share the land with free-ranging wildlife.

In recent years this wildlife has become a valuable asset, with many ranches establishing guest lodges, resulting in a hugely positive impact on the land, its wildlife and conservation. Importantly, community ranches have also been formed. Conserving more than just wildlife, these ranches are also a way of life and have bolstered a sense of local identity and strengthened community ties. 

Segera Retreat


Centrally located within Laikipia, 20 000-hectare (49 000-acre) Segera consists of high altitude acacia grassland. Game roams freely and safely, their movements frequently monitored and documented; they are also protected by an efficient and well-organised anti-poaching unit. This area has become a sanctuary for elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, eland and a wealth of plains game, including many endemic northern species such as the reticulated giraffe, Grévy’s zebra and beisa oryx. More than 350 bird species have been recorded in the Laikipia area. Moreover, Segera is a tangible example of successful multiple land-use efforts. With the support of the Zeitz Foundation, it is at the forefront of change in Kenya, with its vision to achieve a healthy, holistic balance of conservation, community, culture and commerce, leading to the creation of a sustainable Global Ecosphere Retreat that contributes to the vision of an ecosphere in the healthiest possible state.