Between the months of June and November we offer boat-based excursions with whale watching to see these beautiful creatures.

Each trip lasts 2-3 hours depending on weather and sightings.

On these amazing boat trips not only will we encounter whales but a variety of marine life including seals, penguins, possibly dolphins and even sharks!

For the most spectacular and brilliant Southern Right Whale watching excursions in the world.

“Gentle Giants”  

Southern Right Whales

Whale Watching and boat trips to see the Whales in South Africa is regarded as THE best place on the planet to view Southern Right Whales close up.


Some 37 species of whales and dolphins are found in South African waters, but the most common are the Humpback and Southern Right whales.

In early June, Southern Right whales leave their Antarctic feeding ground to frolic in the warmer waters surrounding the Western Cape.


Every year at almost the exact same time, from early winter to mid-summer (early June to early Dec), whales come to visit us off the shores of Hermanus, South Africa. Yes, it is the most beautifully elegant and enormously gentle giants of the oceans - WHALES! 

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